Student Testimonials

Tara Garlick
Alto Sax
 "I am currently learning to play the alto sax. As I already play piano, I already know the basics of music theory (eg reading sheet music) so Andrew has been focusing on the tone and becoming comfortable with the instrument as a whole which I find is very useful. Andrew is a great teacher. Making the lessons fun but also thorough and encouraging creativity with tasks such as writing my own music. He is also understanding of any other commitments you might have. I would 100% recommend Andrew if you want to learn saxophone- jazz or classical."

B Uppal
Tenor Sax
 "Soulful, Patient and Professional. Learning to play the Tenor Sax at 53, so that one day I could duet with my son was a objective that Andrew understood and has underscored our journey together since. He has been patient, understanding those times when life gets in the way of practice and encouraging when eventually skill wins out and a tune emerges. Careful to ensure that the journey with the Tenor remains fun but is also progressive, Andrew imparts his soulful approach so that the tunes come alive. I would recommend wholeheartedly Andrew (and the saxophone), whether old or young, Tenor or Alto; with his patience and soulful approach, it will be an enjoyable journey."

Kenanao Sithole
Tenor Sax
 "I always look forward to my lessons with Andrew. They keep me motivated to play the sax and give me direction for my practices. Andrew is very passionate about the sax and music as a whole. How this plays out in our sessions is that he is teaching me to both read sheet music and play by ear. He helps me learn to play some of my favourites songs by ear as well as grounding me in the fundamentals through playing sheet music. As with all good teachers, he keeps record of my progress and gives me sensible goals that still stretch me. Currently we are going through majority of the scales to give me a good foundation of music. He is also quite flexible with his schedule which has played out to be very helpful in my busy schedule."

Louise Hyatt
Tenor Sax
 "Andrew is a excellent saxophone teacher who is very patient and offers great advice and techniques to help you progress and improve as a saxophone player. He is very friendly and easy to get on with and makes the lessons very enjoyable.I would highly recommend Andrew as a saxophone teacher."

Timi Ajene
Alto Sax
 "Andrew is an amazing saxophonist and an equally excellent and reliable teacher. He is great at simplifying concepts and my improvement on the sax was quite obvious after only 3 or 4 lessons. I truly cannot recommend anyone better!!"

Elaine Reid
Alto Sax
 "The minute I met Andrew I knew I had made the right choice in my search for a saxophone teacher. One of the first things I noticed about him is his ability to listen, not only to my playing the saxophone but to my voice. That's why he is able to plan and develop the right programme at the right pace for me. Andrew always involves me in the planning valuing my input and ideas. I would recommend Andrew to anyone who wants to enjoy learning and playing the saxophone."

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